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Fort Collins, CO Probate and Estate Administration

Guiding you through the intricacies of Fort Collins probate and estate administration with empathy, experience and efficiency.

Fiore Legal Services LLC, located in Fort Collins, Colorado, are experienced guides in Fort Collins probate and estate administration. We are your partner in traversing the probate process and estate administration as you grieve the loss of a loved one while carrying out their last wishes. We value integrity, are accessible to our clients, and provide personalized client care.
Let us help you walk the legal terrain so you can focus on grieving and being present for family.

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Colorado Probate

As a law firm in Colorado, Fiore Legal Services LLC is knowledgeable on the probate process for Fort Collins residents. Colorado’s non-real estate assets value threshold is $80,000. Excluding real estate, assets not owned in joint tenancy with a surviving joint tenant or designated beneficiaries, go through the probate process. Our attorneys guide and support you through the process easing the stress, preventing delays, and saving on additional costs.

Probate in the State of Colorado, Estate Planning

Estate Administration in Colorado

Estate administration is managing the process of cataloging and distributing the assets in a deceased person’s estate. How the assets are distributed depends on several factors, including the value of the estate, wills or trusts regarding the estate, and any disputes. Estate administration can be daunting for a representative or executor. Consulting an experienced Colorado attorney can smooth the process, connect the dots, and help you manage the process with confidence.

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