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Extended Family Group Camping By Lake
Conventional wisdom casts trusts, wills and estate plans as the exclusive domain of the ultra-rich. Supporting this notion, data reveals that two-thirds of Americans lack an estate plan, a figure that climbs higher to 80% among Gen-Zs.
Comprehensive estate planning today includes elder law and other strategies that help protect your assets and interests if you experience cognitive decline or incapacity. Have you thought about protecting your mental health and care if you can't advocate for yourself? This article explores psychiatric advance directives (PADs), their purpose and how to establish one.
Closeup hand. Young woman helping hold hands offering her senior man, Caring nurse helping elderly old man care gets help from hospital, medical health care, International Day for the Elderly concept
This article discusses the need for protection as we age, what guardianship is and how powers of attorney (POAs) are alternative estate planning strategies that give you more control.
Probate in the State of Colorado, Estate Planning
Get ahead of the estate planning changes for exemptions expirations on the Front Range. Explore various strategies and consult with an attorney.
Extended Family Group Camping By Lake
Understanding trusts and their tax nuances can empower you to make informed decisions regarding the type of trust you choose for your estate planning purposes.
Planning for the unknown with purpose and intention.
Elder law attorneys help seniors protect their life savings for future generations and plan for long-term care by empowering individuals to navigate the journey of aging with dignity, security, and peace of mind.
Senior living accommodations and the need to plan wisely
Strategies like living trusts and irrevocable trusts help baby boomers protect wealth, support independence and senior residence preferences, and plan for Medicaid approval requirements.
In a season of economic unease, inflation, and changing state laws, strategies like trusts, trust protectors, and a clear purpose statement in your estate plan ensure that your assets and values transfer according to your wishes.
Senior grandparents playing with grandchildren and having fun with family Cognitive Decline Elder Care
We explore the critical importance of addressing cognitive decline in estate planning to safeguard assets and ensure intended inheritance.
When a loved one dies
It’s easy to overlook an important task after a spouse or other loved one passes away – like retitling assets. It’s a little thing with big ramifications. Follow this checklist to help make a challenging time less confusing.
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